Sea water pump rotator kit for YANMAR 2GM20, 3GM30, 2GM20F, 3GM30F models. With the help of this rotator kit you can alternate (rotate) the sea water pump so the impeller side is brought to the front of the engine to make access easy for service and inspection.

In the models listed above the impeller side of the water pump faces the rear of the engine and the sea water drive belt is located behind the crankshaft V-pulley and the main drive belt.

Cooling pump failures can happen any time and when they occur the impeller and the sea water drive belt must be quickly and easily accessed. Without a rotator kit, the pump and main drive belt must be dismantled to access the impeller and pump drive belt. By using a rotator kit none of this is necessary.

After installing the rotator mount, the sea water pump is installed on the mount with the impeller side facing the front of the engine. The provided spacer and pulley help you to mount the sea water drive belt in front of the crankshaft V-pulley and the main drive belt. Use the provided thumb screws to replace the impeller cover screws to make the cover removal simple, no need of tools.

Rotator kit includes

Nodular cast iron mount with corosion resistant epoxy paint. Electrolized aluminum alloy spacer, aluminum alloy pulley. Stainless steel bolts and thumb bolts, replacement hose and allan key wrench.

Rotate and relax includes

Instruction for installation

  1. Turn off the sea cock, remove sea cock-sea water pump connection hose.
  2. Remove the main belt.
  3. Remove hose that connects the pump to the heat exchanger.
  4. Remove water pump bolts from the engine.
  5. Install mount with indentation side toward the engine using existing water pump mounting bolts.
  6. Tighten with proper tork.
  7. Install aluminum spacer with protrusion side facing the crankshaft V-pulley cavity.
  8. Attach the aluminum pulley to the spacer with pulley protrusion side facing the spacer cavity.
  9. Install the main belt to it’s former position and adjust the belt with proper tension.
  10. Install the water pump with impeller side facing the front of the engine (towards the installer).
  11. Install water pump belt and adjust the belt with proper tension.
  12. Remove impeller cover screws replace with thumb bolts and tighten with proper tension by hand.
  13. Install the provided hose between the heat exchanger and the sea water pump.
  14. Install seacock connection hose, you may not able to use same length hose due to the installation process. This may need to be either cut or lengthened.
  15. Open the sea cock and check for any leakage.
  16. Run the engine until it reaches proper operating temperature, again check for leakage.
  17. Turn off the engine and check if the bolts need retightening, tighten where necessary.

Download here Sea Water Pump Rotator Kit Catalog PDF file