Durable, lightweight fiberglass pultrusion as well as pullwinding process batten. The naturally superior advantages of our pultruded sail battens. Adequate for the most demanding sail applications. It is easily cut with hacksaw and if desired can be sanded to provide for variable flexibility. 

Sail Battens
Round BattenØ8mmwhiteØ8mm round shape sail battenØ8mm round battens picture 2,50€
Round BattenØ10mmwhiteØ10mm round shape sail batten Ø10mm round sail battens picture 3,00€
Round BattenØ12mmwhiteØ12mm round shape sail batten Ø12mm round sail battens picture 4,00€
Round BattenØ14mmwhiteØ14mm round shape sail batten Ø14mm round sail battens picture 5,30€
Round BattenØ16mmwhiteØ16mm round shape sail batten Ø16mm round sail battens picture 7,50€
Flatten Batten 30X1,5mmwhite30x1,5mm flatten shape sail batten 30x1,5mm flatten sail battens picture 3,50€
Flatten Batten 30X4mmwhite30x4mm flatten shape sail batten 30x4mm flatten sail battens picture 4,00€
Flatten Batten 30X5mmwhite30x5mm flatten shape sail batten 30x5mm flatten sail battens picture 5,00€
Flatten Batten 38X3mmwhite38x3mm flatten shape sail batten 38x3mm flatten sail battens picture 6,25€
Flatten Batten 38X4mmwhite38x4mm flatten shape sail batten 38x4mm flatten sail battens picture 8,75€